Global and more complex supply chains, new technology, transparency and openness in chemical supply chains

In 2011 the EPCA Supply Chain Program Committee has launched three different supply chain working groups for the chemical industry, in line with the EPCA supply chain strategy and following the conclusions of the round table discussions of the EPCA Supply Chain Leaders’ Breakfast at the 2011 EPCA Annual Meeting. These groups are dedicated to Global and more Complex Sustainable Supply Chains, new Technology as an enabler of Sustainable Chemical Supply Chains and Transparency and Openness in Chemical Supply Chains. The third working group will be a mixed EPCA-Cefic group. The working groups will meet between March 2012 and August 2013. The final conclusions of the working groups will be shared with the EPCA delegates at the 2013 EPCA Annual Meeting and beyond our audience via the EPCA social media.

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