EPCA’s Students workshop exposed students from around the world to great career opportunities within the chemical industry

In the context of the International Year of Chemistry, EPCA invited 14 award winning students in chemistry and related fields to join its Annual Meeting in Berlin from 2 until 4 October 2011.  Students came from Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Brazil, India and the USA. The purpose of this initiative was to not only bridge the gap between the academic world and the business environment but also to motivate young talented people to join the chemical industry and to improve the overall public image of the chemical industry.

During the meeting, students had the opportunity to meet with senior representatives of EPCA member companies and participated in the EPCA Annual Meeting business sessions program, the logistics round table discussion forum and the closing session with Her Majesty Queen Noor.

Students appreciated the opportunity to learn “from within” about the objectives, strategies and structure of the chemical industry and learned that this industry includes companies with very different activities ranging from extraction of raw materials to production of chemical products and sales.

The workshop opened new horizons for their careers as the students understood that they could enjoy wide-ranging and varied careers in the chemicals sector. Students also learned that on top of their academic record as a chemist or chemical engineer, they will need to develop their communication, people management and networking skills and may need to learn the basics of logistics, management and economics. In order to be successful, they will need to develop themselves into self-confident persons.

You can read a lot more about the outcome of this students’ workshop in the “education” section of the EPCA website http://www.epca.eu/public/content/education/initiatives/.

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