EPCA Annual Meeting kicks off tomorrow in Berlin : more than 2500 delegates will attend

More than 2500 worldwide leaders of the petrochemical, chemical and logistics industries will be meeting as from tomorrow in Berlin for a 5 days conference !
In Berlin, the European Petrochemical Association will be celebrating its 45th anniversay Annual Meeting and the International Year of Chemistry. With Berlin as meeting venue, EPCA recognizes the outstanding role of Germany in the chemical industry. The meeting will be entirely focused on the contribution of chemistry to people’s daily lives.  During the 5 days of the meeting,  vidid film and poster campaigns will point out the importance of chemistry to the Berlin general public.
The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA), celebates from 1 to 5 October the 45th Annual Meeting in Berlin. The theme of the meeting is “The Chemical Industry : 95% of the World Around Us“, which accounts to the fact, that chemical products are omnipresent. Representatives of the more than 600 member companies coming from the industry, associated partners and service companies gather to follow speeches, panel discussions, seminars and workshops. With this meeting we are both celebrating our 45th anniversray as well as the International Year of Chemistry (IYC). 2011 has been declared IYC by UNESCO. EPCA is one of the two global partners of IYC.
EPCA’s President Mr. Tom Crotty says “We have deliberately chosen Berlin as the venue of this worldwide chemistry association, because Germans chemistry industry plays both an important role internationally as well as in our association. Herewith we pay the German member companies and the local industry our honour“.
During the IYC the United Nations want to call attention to the achievements of chemistry and its essential contribution to human well-being. Because of this reason EPCA has produced with its IYC partners UNESCO and IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry),  an image film. Its title is “Chemistry : All About You”.
Within three and a half minutes the film vividly shows, with the aid of informative flashes,  the chemical industry’s comprehensive contribution to people’s daily life. Some examples : chemistry allows access to drinkable water and food, it enables health and health care, energy and emission friendly transportation and buildings. Furthermore, chemistry is the basis for the production of comfortable and functional clothing, as well as for the modern communication systems. The film and poster campaign shows the general public that chemistry is an important building block to overcome global challenges in all aspects of life. People are to learn to understand how the chemical industry makes the world a safer, more enjoyable and overall better place to be.
The people of Berlin can watch the film from 1 to 4 October on a giant screen in the Sony Center at Potsdamer Plats, Berlin, and in the passenger TV of the Berlin underground railway. Moreover the highlights of the film will be shown for citizens and tourists in a poster campaign as of the 27th of September until the 3rd of October in central locations downtown.

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