EPCA promotes chemistry via outdoor campaigns in Brussels and Berlin

In addition to EPCA’s efforts to support the International Year of Chemistry and to mark its 45th anniversary, EPCA will run an outdoor campaign in Brussels and Berlin. The campaign will promote chemistry with the general public and will run from the second half of September.

The initiative underlines EPCA’s sustained efforts to promote chemistry as a provider of sustainable solutions for the world’s global challenges. It helps to explain to everyone that the chemical industry helps to make the world a better, safer, more enjoyable place to be.

The  campaign will use stills from or the film “Chemistry : All About You” to underline the major contribution of chemistry to people’s daily lives in areas such as access to durable water, food, health and health care, energy and efficiency friendly transportation and buildings, comfortable clothes, communication and leisure.

In Brussels the campaign targets both EU policy makers as well as the general public and will run for the second half of September. The film will be shown “live” on cubes in the train stations of Luxemburg and Brussels Midi and in the metro station Schuman. In addition to these cubes there will be a poster campaign in the said stations, as well as in metro stations Art/Loi and Merode.

In Berlin, the outdoor campaign will take place on the occasion of the 45th EPCA Annual Meeting. From 1 to 4 October 2011 the film will be shown on a giant screen in the Sony centre, a business / commercial complex located at Potzdamer Platz and via the “Berliner Fenster” in the passenger coaches of the Berliner metro. A poster campaign identical to the one in Brussels will run from 27 September to 3 October in the U29 network, via 300 City Light poster boxes all over Berlin in places visited by tourists and young people under age 29. Mobile City Light posters will also be placed at the entrance of 5 hotels used by EPCA for its conference.


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